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Learn to Tango


Learn to Tango

Learn to tango each step leads to the next

Tango Argentino is an intense and sensitive communication between two individuals expressed through the dancers’ embrace and style.

Argentine Tango comes alive through improvisation. Improvised figures originate in the music and the mood of the dancers. The dancers do not follow a fixed pattern; each step leads to the next, in countless variations.

One with the music, both partners dance in an embrace, using the freedom in the legs to create their own unique style.

To learn to Tango is as easy to learn as walking. With a grounding in technique based on the ability to communicate through the body it will be possible to improvise and move confidently around the dance-floor.

Tango Marica are a London/Stokeinteignhead, Devon based couple performing and teaching modern and traditional Argentine Tango internationally. Our repertoire ranges from the traditional tangos, milongas and valses to modern tango, incorporating a range of contemporary dance styles.

Our main teachers are: Sebastian Arce & Marianna Montes, Omar & Monica Ocampo, Mora Godoy, Miguel Angel Zotto and Facundo & Kely Posadas, Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Lucia Mazer.



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Learn to Tango

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